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Astrology Tips for using PEN

Updated: Mar 15

Which ink color in a pen is most appropriate for your profession

Blue: Blue pens, associated with Venus, are considered beneficial for professionals in fields such as teaching, writing, counseling, and communication. It is believed that using a blue pen promotes effective communication, intellect, and a sense of calmness.

Black: Black pens, associated with Saturn, are believed to be suitable for professionals in law, business, management, and leadership roles. The color black is associated with power, authority, and elegance, and using a black pen is thought to enhance these qualities.

Green: Green pens, associated with Mercury, are considered useful for professionals in finance, health, agriculture, and environmental sectors. Green symbolizes growth, balance, and harmony, and using a green pen is believed to align with these qualities.

Red: Red pens, associated with Mars and Sun, are believed to be beneficial for professionals in marketing, sales, sports, and entrepreneurship. Red represents energy, passion, and action, and using a red pen is thought to stimulate these qualities.

Yellow: Yellow pens, associated with Jupiter, are considered useful for professionals in art, design, advertising, and innovation. Yellow symbolizes positivity, creativity, and optimism, and using a yellow pen is believed to enhance these qualities.

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