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Effect of Saturn Retrograde from 17th June 2023

During Saturn Retrograde from June 17th, 2023, to November 4th, 2023, it is considered a crucial period for revisiting unfinished tasks and resolving pending karma from the past 2.5 years. Here are some generalized predictions based on ascendant (Lagna):

Aries: Opportunities for property/vehicle purchase, long-distance travel, acts of charity, improvements in spouse's profession, resolution of disputes with your spouse, and potential for starting a new business.

Taurus: Expect pending gains to be received, potential property/vehicle acquisitions by siblings, short-distance travel, replacement of damaged communication devices, and possibilities of finding a new job.

Gemini: Construction of property within the family, family disputes, favorable time for conception if seeking children, reconnection with past relationships, job transfers or relocations due to career advancements.

Cancer: Completion of long-pending personal tasks, increased chances of finding a partner if unmarried, travel to religious places, acquiring a vehicle, and positive developments in your spouse's profession.

Leo: Opportunities for new job prospects, long-distance travel, transformative events in life, challenges faced by siblings or friends, and potential property/vehicle acquisitions by siblings.

Virgo: Decisions regarding personal education or children's education, improvements in your spouse's profession, receiving pending financial gains, property/vehicle acquisitions within the family, and potential disputes within the family.

Libra: Possibilities of acquiring a vehicle or property, enhancements in job prospects, and favorable conditions for starting a new business.

Scorpio: Short-distance travel, property/vehicle acquisitions by siblings, replacement of old communication devices, decisions regarding pending children's education, and travel to religious places or Jyotirlingas.

Sagittarius: Resolving pending property matters within the family, property/vehicle acquisitions, and receiving pending income.

Capricorn: Time to complete pending responsibilities or tasks, positive developments in your profession or job, property acquisitions by your spouse, improvements in job prospects or profession, and opportunities for starting a new business.

Aquarius: Focusing on the treatment of old diseases, improvements in job prospects, and travel to religious places or Jyotirlingas.

Pisces: Expectation of receiving pending gains, decisions regarding children's education, reconnection with past relationships, and significant events related to your spouse's family or household. These predictions are general in nature and should not be considered as definitive Consult a professional Astrologer before making any decision.

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