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"Items to Avoid in Your Bedroom as per Astro Vaastu "

According to Astro Vaastu, the 12th House of your Kundali represents the bedroom, and Venus is the significator of the bedroom. Therefore, it is advisable not to keep certain items in the bedroom

Avoid keeping items associated with the Moon, such as food, water, silver ornaments, water fountains, or images of water fountains in the bedroom.

Items associated with the planet Mercury, despite its friendship with Venus, should also be avoided in the bedroom. Examples include books, plants, communication devices, and travel-related items, as they may contribute to a sense of impotency or lack of vitality.

It is advisable not to keep items associated with the planet Mars in the bedroom. These items include weapons, images of weapons, sports equipment, gym equipment, and medicines, as they can generate an aggressive or restless energy and reason for quarrel among the partners.

Items associated with the planet Sun, such as images of Lord Sun, representations of seven horses, or wheat, should also be avoided in the bedroom.

Similarly, items associated with the planet Ketu should not be kept in the bedroom. This includes spiritual texts, meditation equipment or books, flags, images of micro elements, war images, and images of Lord Ganesh or Maa Durga. These items may bring in energies that are not harmonious for a tranquil bedroom atmosphere.

The Above are general guideline do consult your Astro Vaastu Expert for detail.

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