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Mercury Stairs and Vaastu Tips

In house, Stairs represent mercury so care should be taken to store goods below the stairs.

  • Food Represents Moon and Stairs represent Mercury. Moon and Mercury are not friends. Therefore, storage of food below the stairs will damage the mercury and moon as a result the person will experience loss in business or communication or studies.

  • Shoe Rack below the stairs will be combination of Saturn and mercury so for profession it is good however for the growth of kids it is not good. Further the person will be less interested in travelling and socializing due to it.

  • Washroom below the stairs will be combination of Rahu and mercury and it will create bad impact on kids.

  • Storage of cloths below the stairs are good as it will combine mercury and Venus.

  • Storage of newspaper will be good.

  • Garbage storage below the stairs will not be good.

  • Cut in stairs or plants like cactus near it will bring problem related to mercury.

  • Non-working mobile, TV, Music System should not be in home as it will damage the Mercury and will have adverse impact on Kids.

  • Special care should be taken for small kids as any toy which create noise should not be in damaged condition as it will affect speech in small kids.

  • Communication device such as mobile etc. should not be used in Washroom as it will damage mercury and will bring skin related disease.

  • Broken Mobile should not be used as it will damage the mercury and Trade.

  • If opposite to main gate stairs is there then great care should be taken while communicating with partner/Spouse, as wrong communication will invite conflict.

  • Stair opposite to main gate and kid is born in that home then person will have short height kids and kids will pursue studies in commerce field.

  • Placement of Surya Photo frame above stairs will bring good fortune.

  • Stairs are the continuous flow of energy so care should be taken for sleeping or seating opposite to opening and closing of stairs.

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