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Name and Life Path ( Moon Prominent Name)

'ॐ भूर्भव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्।'

In Astrology Following Letters represent Lord Moon

य र ल व Ya Ra La Va

Also Name Like ,Chander, Chandresh, Bhoumik,Bipin,Chaandni,Chanda,Chandra Prakash,Deekshna,Deependu, Heemanshu, Heli, Indu, Mayank, Mehtab which are synonyms of Lord Moon is also carrying the energy of Lord Moon.

Life path and general Characteristics of Moon prominent name would be as follows

  • They Generally have round face and fair colour

  • Tendency for Multiple Relation.

  • If Low Heighted may enter post marital relationship.

  • Very Sweet talker.

  • Face will have some birth mark.

  • Very emotional.

  • Fond of good food, If they Angry just offer them good food they will be calm.

  • Love to travel at far places.

  • Generally, Spouse is working, If home maker then also very hard worker and continuously doing work.

  • Life partner will be less attractive and more stable.

  • Generally born in the family of person working for Government.

  • Education will be troubled, Sudden break in Education.

  • Generally got benefits from In Laws.

  • Change the profession, at least one major shift in profession will be seen in life.

  • Generally, earn good money from the investment In Liquid Assets.

  • Don’t get benefit from Siblings and Friends, Instead Friends will ask loan from them.

  • Attracted towards professional from educational background or having higher intellect.

  • Cannot work in watertight compartment environment.

  • Mostly live near to water body/food joints/temple or in a city which has river or Sea nearby.

  • If double letter is in name, may suffer from psychological problems.

  • If half letter is in the name heavy mood swings and disliking towards food.

  • Generally, receive God idols/Photo in gift.

  • Close friend or Sibling will migrate to foreign country.

  • Loss of first love, however they quickly come out of that.

  • Generally, lives in a house in which most of the house is visible from the main entrance.

  • Very Close to Mother.

Praying to Lord Shiva and offer Milk to Shivling will limit the negative effect of Moon.

DC: The Information above is intended to furnish user with general information on the matters that they may find to be of Interest. The Information contained and accessed on this site is provided for general Guidance and is not intended to substitute and replace any professional advice/services. User are advised to consult appropriate consultant before making any decision.

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