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Northeast Corner (Ishan Kon) Vaastu Defect and Remedies.

In Vaastu, We usually hear about Ishan Kon or North East corner, here we will discuss the importance of Ishan Kon its defect and remedies.

Ishan kon or North east corner is the corner where the east wall and north wall of the house are joining.

To know your Ishan Kon Install Compass in your phone and place it at the center of the house, wherever the two direction are meeting that corner is the north east (Ishan) corner of the house.

As you see in the above image, Northeast corner is the Head of Vaastu Purush so it is very important for decision making, Health, Money and Family Happiness

Deity of the Ishan is ISH, Planet associated is Jupiter and Ketu, Element is Water.

As Ishan is the head it should always be light weighted, one can Plan Temple, Study, Guest or Living room in the direction, For students this is the best corner for study, For adult best place for spiritual practice.

Defect Observed in Ishan

· Cut in the Ishan corner due to structure of the property.

· Washroom in the Ishan.

· Kitchen in the Ishan.

· Bedroom in the Ishan.

· Storeroom in the Ishan

· Ishan is not Clean.

· Ishan Corner is high in level.

· Photos of ancestor in the Ishan,

· Plantation in the Ishan.

· Adult female child is staying in the Ishan.

Impact of Ishan Disturbance

· Not able to save money.

· Problem in Kids studies.

· Continuous fight in the Family or tense environment.

· Job Loss or loss in Business.

· Not able to utilize the full potential.

· Breathing or cough problem to family members.

· If unmarried female is sleeping in Ishan, issue will erupt in married life (Post marriage).

· If couple are sleeping in Ishan problem in childbirth.

· Washroom in Ishan may bring heavy loss of money.

· Kitchen in Ishan will bring difficulties in earning money.

· Ishan corner high, Problem related to blood.

· Plantation in the Ishan will bring skin/vein disease.

· Above the ground heavy water storage in Ishan, Problems in earning and person will be too much spiritual, Kids will have problem related to cough/breathing.

Remedies for Ishan

Structural changes are the best remedy for Ishan, however for temporary measures following

can be done.

· Keep Ishan as much as light weight.

· Install Light weight water fountain in Ishan.

· Cut the Washroom by sliver plate/wire.

· Invite brahmin (Priest) at home on regular interval and perform Havan and Pooja.

· Install Pyramid for Kitchen Energy shifting.

· Try to Keep Kitchen as cool as possible.

· Put some copper water pots near Gas stove and replace the water after cooking.

· Do not use Ishan for sleeping of Couple or female kid.

· Male kid till his marriage can sleep.

· Best suited for Pooja Room or study.

· Keep the place always clean.

· Keep the ground level of Ishan Low as compared to rest of the house.

· Color of the place is Silky white or Yellow or shades or yellow.

· Pray to Lord Vishnu regularly and chant the mantra.

I hope the above had given you some clarity on Northeast Corner (Ishan Kon) issues, effect and remedies.

Happy Reading.

DC: The Information above is intended to furnish user with general information on the matters that they may find to be of Interest. The Information contained and accessed on this site is provided for general Guidance and is not intended to substitute and replace any professional advice/services. User are advised to consult appropriate consultant before making any decision.

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