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Spouse Buying New Car/House Activation Of 9th House Of Your Kundali/Horoscope.

If your spouse is buying new car or new Mobile phone then according to astrologers it is activating your 9th house of fortune in your Horoscope as per Vedic Astrology. The 9th house is associated with various aspects such as fortune, father, spirituality, higher learning, wisdom, your guru, your bosses, and the siblings of your spouse. According to astrologers, the purchase of a new car or mobile phone can lead to certain events in your life, influenced by this activation. Here are some of the things you may expect based on your Horoscope:

  • An increase in your fortune.

  • Gains from partnership businesses.

  • Opportunities for long-distance travel with spiritual purposes.

  • Engaging in religious activities at home or at your spouse's sibling's home.

  • A harmonious relationship with your bosses.

  • Possibility of job promotions.

  • Favorable conditions for your children's education.

  • The likelihood of your children entering into love relationships.

  • The possibility of your mother falling ill.

  • Expenses related to the repair and maintenance of your home.

Next time you make such purchases, pay attention and witness the influence of Astrology on these aspects of your life.

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