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Test Your Moon

The Moon holds significant importance as it represents various aspects of life such as motherhood, emotions, mental health, finance, liquidity, enjoyment, satisfaction, food, elder sister, water, rivers, and rain.

It plays a crucial role in mental well-being, and any affliction to the Moon can lead to depression or aggression, negatively impacting personal and professional life.

During the monsoon season, it becomes easier to gauge the condition of your Moon. If you find joy in rainfall and feel content while getting drenched, even if you encounter traffic but still feel happy once you reach home, or if you face minimal inconvenience due to rain by managing your schedule effectively, and if you relish eating good food during rainy days, then it indicates a positive Moon.

However, if you experience the opposite emotions, it suggests a weakened Moon, requiring specific remedies such as chanting or other corrective measures, as it directly affects your mental health.

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