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Vaastu Tips for Placing Big round Utensils in Home

According to the principles of Astro Vaastu and traditional beliefs, it is advisable to avoid placing large utensils like ghadas or matkas near the ceiling or on the roof. It is believed that this will take the energy of mercury to 12th house of person’s kundali, which is a not good position for mercury and is known to bring about certain challenges and limitations.

These challenges may include:

• Difficulty in expressing thoughts

• Miscommunication and misunderstandings

• Mental anxiety and overthinking

• Hidden or secretive thinking

• Difficulty with logical analysis

• Challenges in learning and education

• Increased susceptibility to deception

To counteract these potential effects, it is advised not to place such utensils near the ceiling or roof. If the utensils are placed on the floor, one suggested remedy is to fill them with grains. This is believed to incorporate the combination of Sun and Mercury, which is considered a positive combination

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