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Vaastu Tips for Study Table

According to Vaastu, it is recommended for a child's study table to face an open space rather than a wall. The ideal directions for general studies are east or north. However, for higher studies following is advisable:

• Engineering: For engineering students study table should be in the west direction from the center of the house. The placement may vary based on the specialization, such as west side of south-west for computer science and south side of south-west for civil engineering and so on.

• Medical: for medical studies study table should be in the south direction of the house being mars the significator of medicine. However, for dermatology or dentistry, the north direction is more suitable for Gynaecology south side of south east corner is preferable

• CA, MBA, and Management Courses: The north direction is considered auspicious for students in these fields, as it is associated with the planet Mercury.

• Law: West direction as it is associated with Saturn.

• Government Services: East direction as it is governed by the sun.

• Banking: North-east or south-east corners linked to Venus and Jupiter.

• Police and Army: South direction as it is connected to Mars.

• Teaching, Spirituality, and Healing: North-east or south-east directions as it is influenced by Jupiter and Venus energies.

• Photography and Film: South-west direction being it's association with Rahu.

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