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Vaastu Tips to Improve Saturn and your profession.

'ॐ भूर्भव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्।'

Saturn is the natural significator of Karma we are performing in our life, Business Profession and Job are part of our Karma.

Here we will discuss on How to Improve the Saturn thru some general things of our day-to-day Life.

· Saturn Represent our Shoes as it is made of leather and Shoe rack is the one of the places where Saturn reside, so the condition of the shoe rack should be very good, it should be either made of Stone, wood or Iron and It should be properly covered and Clean.

· Distorted and Messy shoe rack will give Hiccups in Profession.

·Saturn is also significator of Hair in our body so the hair should be clean and properly organized, A good care of hair will improve the Saturn and thus improve the profession.

·Our legs are also signified by Saturn so morning walk/ exercise of leg will improve the profession.

·Any change or loss in profession will be hinted by the above signification, for example shoe condition distorted, Pain in Leg or rough hair, If the symptoms seen be cautious that some event will take place in profession.

·Office chair is also very important disturbance in profession would also be hinted by break/Change in office chair.

·Moon represents the food and Moon is natural enemy of Saturn, So eating food at work desk in office will bring changes/disturbance in profession so avoid eating at work desk/Table.

·In house/Business place western direction is Saturn and it should be cool and water element should be there, any dirty or old item in western side will bring misery in profession.

·Always be cautious about old non usable article and Rust Iron goods it will bring misery in profession.

·Saturn along with sun also governed time so closed watches in home/Business will bring disruption.

·Place opposite to entrance (the last part of house/Office opposite to entrance) is also important for Saturn as it is natural place for Saturn so it should also be neat and clean.

·Saturn is significator of old person so always respect elderly person also it is natural significator of poor people and the person who are working for you, like house help, Juniors in Office etc. so always be polite to them.

·If Saturn is good in chart Bringing new Wallet, Belt, Shoes, Furniture will be good for business and profession and if it is bad all the things will invite misery.


·Help Poor and old age person.

·Donate item to handicap person such as wheelchair etc. (one may use the NGO Like

·Use of oil in legs and Hair.

·Avoid using bad words for lawyer and Judges and Judiciary in general (Saturn being Signification of law profession) ( In Lighter note no Tarikh pe Tarikh dialogue.)

· Pray to Lord Mahadev.

· Offer Oil to Lord Shani on Saturday Evening.

· Offer some food to crow.

·Chant Mantra Nilanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam. Chaya martanda sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam.

(Meaning: ‘Looking like a blue cloud, the sun of the Sun, he is the foremost of those who control. He can even put his shadow over the glorious sun. To that Saturn, the emblem of control, we bow down in devotion.’)

Thanks, Happy Reading…

DC: The Information above is intended to furnish user with general information on the matters that they may find to be of Interest. The Information contained and accessed on this site is provided for general Guidance and is not intended to substitute and replace any professional advice/services. User are advised to consult appropriate consultant before making any decision.

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