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Which direction your temple is ?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

ॐ भूर्भव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्।'

Temple in East Direction

  • Person is truthful and helpful.

  • Associated with religious or educational organization.

  • Person will be of good health and little fat.

  • Need to take care for diabetes.

  • If S/he bless other person, blessing will come true, however their own Luck would be destroyed due to this.

  • S/he should always use word by god grace ( Bhagwan ki Daya se) before giving blessing to anyone.

  • Spouse of the person will be short heighted and good in communication.

Temple in Northeast Direction

  • Northeast Position of temple is good; however it shows past life karma of the native towards Brahmin, They should offer food and dakshina to brahmins on regular bases.

  • Brahmin (Priest) should be invited at home to fulfill the past life karma.

  • One of the family members is associated to religious or educational organization.

  • Home is near to school/temple.

  • Person with such combination will have lot of friends and will be having very good relationship with neighbors.

  • They usually perform their journey with public transport or go for outing in groups.

  • Like to travel to religious places.

  • They usually perform pooja with process.

  • Will always ring the bell while doing pooja.

  • Have a habit to recite the mantra loudly or on some communication device.

  • Usually talk about religion, education, or ancient scripture.

Temple in North Direction

  • Again, a very good position for temple.

  • Person will be more inclined to lord Vishnu or Guru.

  • Usually offer food and prasad in home temple.

  • Person with such combination generally have big house.

  • Family is large or extended family member visit their house.

  • They have multiple vehicles.

  • Normally have fat belly.

  • Many guests come at their house and offering food will be prominent.

  • Person with such combination have stable career/Profession.

  • Wealthy and wealth parked in Real estate or in Bullion.

Temple in Northwest Direction

  • Not a good position, person will fall sick often/will be surrounded by illness and will give frequent travel.

  • Good for education however will show some obstacle in education.

  • They admire their lover as God, love is very important to them.

  • Will suffer from Allergic skin disease.

  • Not an effective communicator.

  • In Profession they will be seen as an intelligent person, so they will be assigned other person works also.

  • They avoid fighting.

  • Frequent visit to hospital for small disease.

  • Problem with stomach.

  • Large extended family at Nanihal.

  • Mama/Mausa/cousins are generally Rich.

  • Not very socialize as always struggling with own problems.

  • Generally, take big loans by which they suffer.

Temple in West Direction

  • Tricky position, good for spouse health.

  • Person will worship Mahadev or some devi.

  • Spouse will be fat and fond of good food.

  • Spouse will be related to education or religious institution.

  • Partnership business good for the person.

  • Will have multiple partners in business.

  • Trading business is not suitable for them will make loss in trading.

  • Person will meet lot of gurus in his lifetime.

  • Earn Large chunk of money due to sibling and friends in business.

Temple in Southwest Direction

  • Bad position, person will suffer from disease and surgeries.

  • Transformation will happen lifetime.

  • In Laws, of the person is related to education or religious institution.

  • Person is more interested in occult.

  • Person will not see the real things which is visible in life instead will run after the hidden knowledge.

  • Not respected in Family.

  • Travelling to religious places only.

  • Person will have heavy bottom, usually fat.

Temple in South direction

  • Usually seen in the house of teachers or person who works for education department.

  • Influenced from father.

  • Extended family of father.

  • Good for Business, however after marriage son will be separated from the parents.

  • Person's In Laws will be staying near to temple or some school.

  • Person will buy property in the name of spouse.

  • Will have two professions.

Temple in Southeast direction

  • Not a good position, Person will suffer from higher acidity/BP.

  • Good for earnings however money will be wasted.

  • Will do pooja as per their own method.

  • Large external circle.

  • Person like to be in company of outsider, thus pay little attention at home.

  • Do Long duration travel at religious place alone or without family.

  • Spouse of the person is religious, beautiful and little fat; however, person will not care for her/him.

  • Person tends to advice people unnecessarily.

  • They usually sleep for long hours or can sleep at any time/Place.

To know the direction please stand in center of the house and check the direction thru compass

Hope you are enjoying the reading, Please share with your near and dear ones.

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