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Your Mobile Phone and its Planetary Effect

Mobile phones represent our way of communication and karak of communication is Mercury so what type of mobile phone we are using will have lot of impact on Mercury and related significance

Here we will see some of the combination of mobile.

If Mobile phone is of foreign good brand , it shows energy of Mercury, Rahu and Venus,

  • Person is wealthy or going to be wealthy,

  • Person will be attracted to the luxurious things in life.

  • Mostly wear Branded clothes, Fusion clothes or loose clothes.

  • They usually have some art effect on their clothes.

  • Seen in the profession of Software, Photography, Travelling, or business related to export or dealing with foreigner or travelling to foreign lands.

  • Person is not punctual of time.

  • They are generally happy and enjoy the life full.

  • Person has lot of friends, and their circle is large.

  • They are being cheated by someone close to them at least once in life.

  • Spouse of the person is attractive, broader face or eyes and good in communication skills.

  • Wife of the male native is related to some art related activities and like to spend more.

If Mobile phone is of foreign brand but not of good brand, It shows Energy of mercury with Rahu.

  • Person will be extrovert; however, he speaks irrational.

  • Person will be cheated in Paperwork; someone will forge the paper with them and cheat them.

  • They must have siblings or friends living in foreign land.

  • They usually visit foreign place but not for pleasure just to be there, the trip would be more of showoff rather than pleasure.

  • They speak very fast.

  • They are usually in a profession which require lot of travelling.

  • They usually seen in the trading business or marketing.

  • They also see in the business of computer hardware.

  • They have certain skills in their hand by which they earn money.

  • One of the sibling or Friend is very daring and do acts which surprised everyone.

  • They get sick however will get surprisingly recovered from the illness.

  • It is difficult to defeat them in argument, so they can become good negotiator or lawyer.

If Mobile phone is of Indian origin, it shows the energy of Mercury, Moon, Jupiter

  • Person will talk less.

  • Phone will be used for talking only, they are not the person who stick to their phone every time.

  • Person is not towards luxury or material attachment; he is more confined and happier in his life and the circle he is in.

  • Person will be fond of good food.

  • Person will pray to some devi and lord Ganesh and Lord shiva.

  • Person will have lot of good friends who will give him good advice.

  • Mostly the temple in the house is near to Northwest Direction.

  • Person will love sweets and typically barfi.

Effect of Colour of Phone

  • If Phone is of green color, it increases the energy of mercury, person will always be in his mobile and due to that will suffer from Skin disease, person with such color mobile should avoid using excess mobile phone.

  • If Phone is of black color, it combines the energy of Saturn with Mercury which is good for business, person will be involved in the profession which require less communication such as software coder.

  • If Phone is of pink color, then energy of Venus will increase, if a person buys a new pink color phone then either he/she has entered into a new relationship or about to enter into new relation. If an elderly person buy a new pink phone, it shows that some wealth is coming or construction of new beautiful house.

  • White color mobile phone native is closed to their mother or homeland, it Combines energy of moon and mercury, so they need to travel unnecessarily.

  • Blue color mobile phone again is of Venus energy, showing wealth/relationship in life.

  • Grey Color mobile phone is Saturn mercury and moon combination showing some problem in profession and change in profession.


  • If mobile phone is having cover, person will be more introvert and will not freely communicate.

  • If mobile phone is not covered then person freely communicate his/her thoughts to anyone.

  • Mobile phone is in good condition showing effective communication.

  • Mobile phone in bad condition showing not able to communicate his/her thoughts properly.

  • Glass broken in mobile phone showing skin disease or person will be outspoken, kids of the person may also suffer due to this.

  • For some person mobile frequently slips from their hand, it is a sign that person will be misunderstood in his/her communication.

  • Person using Bluetooth devices are the one who talks less or they are very specific on their talk, they are usually hiding their emotion/feeling with the person whom they are communicating.

Hope you have enjoyed the above reading, The above is for entertainment purpose and not intended to promote or defame any brand or person.

DC: The Information above is intended to furnish user with general information on the matters that they may find to be of Interest. The Information contained and accessed on this site is provided for general Guidance and is not intended to substitute and replace any professional advice/services. User are advised to consult appropriate consultant before making any decision.

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