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He is such a nice person over & above his expertise in the field of astrology. Myself, friends and relatives are connected with him since 2014 and his points are valid & helpful. Thanks to him.

-Mukesh Gupta

It has been extremely helpful and satisfying to consult Mr Ashishji on multiple occasions in last 10+ year. Loads of luck and power to his skill. He is truely making this world a better place by bringing harmony with his suggestions and advice..

-Binu Kabra

One of the best predication by Mr Ashish Somani .. Thanks for all the guidance n loyal opinion.

-Pankti Rawat

Very much satisfied with my experience. My views on astrology are different and positive now.

-Raju Nayak

We have listened all the audios and read detailed astrological solutions (Remedies) which are helpful to us..

-Milan Shah

He is quite accurate in future prediction and even about past and gives proper guidance.

-Krishna Ganatra

solution for all your astrology queries and perfect guidance.

-Swati mantri

Best Prediction by Ashishji which helps to take an Decision.Vastu Tips Videos are also very Helpful.

-Chandresh Nayak

Accurate Prediction thanx Ashishji for Giving us A Guidance

-Payal Nayak

Ashish Bhai has changed my perception towards astrology from last 10 years. Apart from my astrological beliefs, he plays the role of mentor in our life.

-Chhaya Nayak

Knowing Mr Ashish Somani thru my Aunt. Initially, was bit sceptical but during course of few conversation build up confidence n trust on him. Great personality but immense knowledge. What i like the most about him is he gives solutions which are practicle and doable. No Puja jhaap, no extra and unwanted expenses. Another thing i like about Ashishbhai is he is straight forward. Whatever he wants to say, he will say on ur face.

I do follow his page and his blogs. Majority of time whatever he writes or says happens to be accurate. I wont say m andh vishwasi but have faith/trust on him.

-Jignesh Nayak

His video is very useful for who can follow instruction.

-Akash Swaminarayan

Excellent observation & maximum time it was true.

-Sachin Jagpai

Amazing analysis! Excellent detailing of every aspect!

-Unnat Parghi

Amazing personality. I was introduced to him by a family member, around 5 years ago. From the first time I spoke with him, till now, all his predictions about me have been correct.

Some of the best things I like about him are
- his very straight forward and honest nature
- his approach, always 'to the point' discussion
- never gave me any pooja etc kind of solutions
- always very practical and doable solutions

No one can change their destiny by knowing predictions. But Ashishbhai will definitely guide us on how to achieve best possible results in our life.

Even if you don't believe in astrology, its fine. Talk to him and consider him as a life coach, and you will feel the difference in your life.

Highly recommended for people who are in trouble, to get correct advise and guidance . Also highly recommend for people who are happy, because there may be something better waiting for you.

-Nishith Shah

He is too good in letting you know about your stars, prediction about my selection in RPSC as RAS was quite accurate.

-Kanchan Bohra

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