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Powerful Vaastu Tips for Kitchen

Vaastu Tips for Kitchen

Vaastu tips for the kitchen:

  1. Location: Place the kitchen ideally in the southeast corner of the house, as it is associated with the fire element essential for cooking.

  2. Shape: Opt for a square or rectangular shape for the kitchen to maintain energy harmony; irregular shapes can disrupt positive energy flow.

  3. Platform Color: The platform in the kitchen should ideally be of white color. Dark colors should be avoided as they tend to absorb and retain heat, which may not be favorable. If your platform is of a dark color, you can mitigate this by placing white cloth or objects on it while cooking.

  4. Avoid Green Color and Plants: Green color and plants should be avoided in the kitchen according to Vaastu principles. Green signifies mercury, while the significator of food is moon. Mercury and moon are considered to not harmonize well together.

  5. Separation of Water and Heat Elements: It's advisable to avoid the close conjunction of water and heat elements in the kitchen. This can help maintain a balanced and harmonious environment.

  6. Placement of Water Vessel: The water vessel should ideally be placed in the northeast direction of the kitchen. If this is not possible due to the water line or other constraints, placing some water in the northeast corner of the kitchen can also be beneficial.

  7. Placement of Fridge and Microwave: The ideal placement for the fridge and microwave is in the southeast corner of the kitchen according to Vaastu. This placement is believed to bring positive energy and harmony to the kitchen space.

  8. Cooking Direction: Cook facing east or north for best results, avoiding west or south-facing cooking positions.

  9. Avoid Wheat Storage: It's recommended not to store wheat in the kitchen according to Vaastu principles. The kitchen is considered the natural place of Shukra (Venus), and wheat is associated with the Sun. Storing wheat in the kitchen may disrupt the balance of energies, potentially affecting Venus negatively.

  10. Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation with windows or exhaust fans to maintain a healthy atmosphere.

  11. Avoid Clutter: Keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free to prevent obstruction of positive energy flow.

  12. Lighting: Ensure sufficient natural or artificial lighting to create a vibrant and positive atmosphere in the kitchen.

Following these Vaastu tips can help create a harmonious and positive environment in your kitchen, promoting health, happiness, and prosperity in the householdFor more information you can connect with Astrologer Ashish Somani, Best Astrologer and Vastu consultant in India.


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