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Importance of East Direction and its remedies in Vaastu

East direction is very important direction in Vaastu as the dev of East is Indra and Planet associated to it is Surya.

As Indra is the King of all devas and Surya is the king of all the planets much importance is given to this direction in Vaastu.

Following things in life is associated to East Direction

  • Kids and Growth of Kids

  • Progress in life.

  • Self-health

  • Father.

  • Reputation in Society.

  • Promotions.

  • Support from King or Government.

  • Soul Upliftment.

  • Supreme Knowledge.

Defects observes in East direction is as below

  • Stair case in East – this is combination of Rahu and Sun, so it will bring misery in the life of kids of the native and will bring unfavorable notice from Government.

  • Toilets in East—again a combination of Rahu and Sun.

  • East level is higher than rest of premises—adverse impact on kids’ life and in the profession of the native.

  • Closed store room in east-- Rahu and Sun Combination.

  • Cut in East – Ketu Sun Combination, Bad for reputation and father health.

  • Painting of Deceased in East wall.

Remedies for East direction

  • Use sun Mantra, sun Idol or Sun Painting in East direction, If sun is sitting in unfavorable house in the kundali then recite Aditya hirday strotra and do hom (Yagya) for lord sun.

  • Avoid using toilets for east direction and use it as bathroom.

  • Rising sun painting in east will give good impact.

  • Placing of clock in east direction gives good effect.

  • If store room is in east, always put the yellow light on of storeroom.

If you are facing issues from govt, promotion in Job, Kids growth, Damage in reputation then check the east direction of your premises and do the remedies as suggested above.

I hope that the above post will help you.

Enjoy Reading.

DC: The Information above is intended to furnish user with general information on the matters that they may find to be of Interest. The Information contained and accessed on this site is provided for general Guidance and is not intended to substitute and replace any professional advice/services. User are advised to consult appropriate consultant before making any decision

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