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Name and Life Path ( Venus Prominent Name)

'ॐ भूर्भव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्।'

Venus letters are

च छ ज झ ञ Cha Chha Ja Na

Name like Kamal, Kamla, Rose, Jassi, Madhu, Mansi, Mohan, Nidhi, Nigel, Nirru, Reewa, Rupa, Rupal, Sanvi etc are also carrying the energy of Venus.

All the Beautician, Interior decorator, Perfume, Jewellery, Readymade Cloth Merchants are having Venus Prominent energy, Person dealing in Female related objects are also having Venus Prominent Energy.

Characteristics and general Life events

  • Very Attractive Personality, like magnet they attract person of opposite sex.

  • Generally wealthy, even if born in Poor family then also accumulate wealth.

  • Fond of Yogurt or Curd related Products.

  • They Like to have Branded clothes, Silk and other high-quality material is preferred.

  • Their home is well decorated and full of fragrance.

  • They Generally carry some EGO and Process oriented for every work they have some defined process.

  • Get money with working hard.

  • People come to them for emotional sharing, as in their company people are relieved.

  • Black, Blue, Pink, Shiny white are preferred colour.

If Introvert

  • Love affair would be devastating, will get disease and sorrow in first love, even after marriage major transformation will happen

  • Problem in fame or getting recognition, Issues with Kids or Kid having Health Issues.

  • More Female in family and Family member are chatters, they usually travel and comes to native’s place.

  • Siblings and friends are like motherly figure for them.

  • Mostly they built home in or near to capital of state/country or the home would be near to some larger government establishment, for them home would offer a more disciplined environment which they generally don’t like.

  • They generally don’t take loan if taken will pay that early, however loan from spouse or financial transaction from spouse will be seen, generally get sickness from the spouse or from a large public gathering.

  • They should not enter in Partnership business as partnership will always teach them big lessons.

  • Someone from In Law family is related to education or Having Spiritual inclination.

  • They generally get good income from their business/Job.

  • To get good benefit in Job/Business they should take advise from their elder siblings.

  • Gains come suddenly and generally comes after some loss.

  • They tend to suffer from blood related disease.

IF Extrovert

  • Successful in Love and lover generally give lot of gifts to them.

  • Spouse of the native is very aggressive, restless, anger related issues, like to complete the task quickly.

  • Recognition comes with gains like increment with promotion, Kids are good in education and very helpful for native.

  • Family generally faces transformation or family face some tough days and then grow.

  • Near to house some religious temple and one of the sibling or friends having spiritual practice or a teacher.

  • Home is near to workplace; they carry their work at home or having tendency to do work/Business from home.

  • Generally, fell sick on long distance travelling, abroad settlement is not good as will bring disease or debt.

  • Need to cautious for giving loan to other as it will bring misery in life, whenever they give Loan to other will fall sick

  • After the birth some death in Nana Family is seen.

If the venus is giving bad effect, person should pray to goddess Laxmi, should serve to Married female, for male native should respect female and not to enter an argument/fight with them.

For other remedies you can read/watch Venus and Bedroom Series

Happy Reading.

DC: The Information above is intended to furnish user with general information on the matters that they may find to be of Interest. The Information contained and accessed on this site is provided for general Guidance and is not intended to substitute and replace any professional advice/services. User are advised to consult appropriate consultant before making any decision.

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