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Vaastu Tips for Washroom

According to Astro Vaastu principles, it is advisable to ensure that your washroom is dry after bathing. If it remains wet, it may combine the energy of Saturn, Rahu, and Moon which may potentially result in the following outcomes:

  • Challenges in job or business/profession, affecting your career or business growth.

  • The presence of Saturn, Rahu, and Moon can contribute to a sense of sadness or despair within the family, potentially leading to a depressive atmosphere.

  • Frequent and unnecessary travel due to job or business

  • Problems concerning the mother, difficulties or challenges in her life.

  • This combination may create obstacles or challenges in matters of wealth and finances, leading to financial instability or difficulties in accumulating wealth.

In addition to these effects, this combination can also contribute to illusion, confusion, and a foggy mindset, making it challenging to perceive reality accurately and make sound judgments or decisions. It may also result in insomnia or sleep disturbances.

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